Further Testimonials

Each of our staff who have attended Chloé's Impactful Presentations training has been deeply impacted by the training. Coaches like Chloé are rare. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chloé for over two years and have always been in awe of her passion, energy and drive. Chloé’s ability to put our staff at ease, build rapport quickly and lead them to significant improvements in their presentation skills is impressive. Our staff, even the experienced speakers, showed strong improvements in their levels of confidence, their effectiveness and their ability to manage nerves. The one-on-one sessions were tailored specifically to the individual needs of each staff member with Chloé working across each of our offices nationally. Chloé was engaging and deeply invested in the success of our team.
Engaging with people is a complex and often misunderstood art. The days of simply focusing on a power point presentation are long past- to succeed, one needs to be able to bring together a complex set of skills to respond in a nuanced way to each context we encounter. Chloé is one of the few people who brings all the issues together in one experience, helping people engage more effectively with the world around them, creating and nurturing skills that build personal presence.
Founder Jonathan Hallinan
Chloé’s focus on the importance of ‘presence’ has been instrumental in my improvement as a public speaker and media commentator. She has given me greater self-awareness and control, not only when presenting in formal circumstances, but her teachings have also influenced how I conduct myself during informal meetings, conversations and interactions with others. As a result of my increased presence during these scenarios, I believe I have become a more compelling and confident leader and been able to deliver my thoughts with greater conviction and engagement.
Many many thanks for giving me more confidence and techniques to deliver a fantastic tender. I only got to spend two hours with Chloé, but it made all the difference, her giving me the necessary tools to present an effective, interesting and successful presentation. She was extremely effective in focusing on the things that could be improved in that short time period.
Notwithstanding our initial hesitation to commit to this half day training program and its relevance to us as architects, Peddle Thorp can now confirm that the exercises and training conducted by Chloé Oestreich was a total success. The outcomes were helpful, easy to implement and highly relevant to our staff and the work we do. The response has been so positive that Peddle Thorp has now committed to an ongoing program for key staff. As one participant stated ‘you can teach an old dog new tricks!’.