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Chloé Oestreich

Hi there,

I coach and consult with leaders from Fortune 500 companies on how to communicate effectively, be heard and lead with impact.

I help CEOs realise their full potential in how they show up at work.

As a consultant, I equip leaders like you with the tools and techniques you need to thrive, adapt, present and communicate with impact.

As an ICF accredited coach, I specialise in developmental executive coaching which explores the inner game of the leader. Through coaching, I empower and stretch curious individuals like you to step into self-organisation and self-management of your own developmental growth.

It’s this sense of ownership that helps you step into your potential and purpose.

Credentials aside, at the heart of it – I love what I do. I get out of bed each morning because walking side by side with my clients and seeing them transform is incredibly meaningful work.

As your coach, I’m not here to hold you accountable – that’s your job. But I’m there to challenge you, push you and call you out. To hold a safe space for you to be vulnerable and surrender to what comes up. Imagine if you could go from ‘doing ok’ to thriving at work?