Meet The CEO Whisperer, Chloé Oestreich

Meet Chloé Oestreich, renowned executive leadership coach behind CO Consultancy. Chloé has spent over a decade consulting and coaching leaders from Fortune 500 companies. Her unique approach combines executive coaching and consulting, where she equips leaders with the tools and techniques they need to thrive in today’s complex business environment.

An ICF accredited coach, Chloé specialises in developmental executive coaching, which explores the inner game of the leader. Through coaching Chloé empowers executives to step into self-organisation and self-management of their own growth and success. Through her transformative coaching sessions, she helps leaders gain a new perspective, overcome their limitations, and helps shift their mindset towards positive change.

In this interview, Chloé shares insights about her coaching philosophy, her unique coaching style, and reveals the most common challenges her clients face. She talks about what practices have helped her sustain a high level of performance and which qualities are crucial but are too often absent in the boardroom.