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Influential Leader Program

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The Influential Leader Program

The ultimate program for leaders across all levels in your organisation. Form new lasting habits and amplify your leadership impact at work. Engage and empower your people to show up, be more effective and boost revenue.

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Influential Leader Program inclusions:

This program includes interactive small tailored group training sessions followed by several months of customised 1:1 coaching and support.

  • Highly customised ‘Present With Impact’ group program
  • Tailored 1:1 coaching and support over several months
  • ‘Advanced Communicate with Confidence and Impact’ half-day group program
  • Group analysis including pre and post results
  • Debrief with detailed feedback about each individual’s strengths and areas of improvement.

Success Stories

Dave Robin
Founder of Dabble


“It’s improved my level of influence and impact.”

What has been your biggest learning/ insight as a result of the coaching process?
It’s been invaluable learning more about my conditioned self and recognising how past experiences have shaped my habituated ways of thinking and behaving as a leader.

How has the coaching helped you become a more impactful leader?
It’s helped me view reality through another lens. It’s improved my level of influence and impact as a result of understanding myself and my drivers and derailers better. Understanding my own triggers and how I usually respond has taught me how to better control my reaction to challenging situations.

In one word – how would you describe what it’s like to work with me?

Prashant Billimoria

Prashant Billimoria

“I have a clearer headspace to deliver stronger messages.”

How has the coaching helped you become a more impactful leader?
The biggest impact has been unlocking my potential and practising being fully present. Prior to the coaching with Chloé, I found myself absorbed with the chatter in my head, distracting me from putting my best self forward in interactions. By addressing that, and being fully present, I’m able to have a much stronger impact as my true authentic self. This means that I’m able to inspire my team more strongly and it allows me to have a clearer headspace to deliver stronger and clearer messages.

In one word – how would you describe what it’s like to work with me?

Meet The CEO Whisperer, Chloé Oestreich

Meet The CEO Whisperer, Chloé Oestreich

Q. You’re one of the most well regarded executive coaches in Australia. What practises have helped you to sustain a level of high-performance?

Chloé: Well, there certainly isn’t a single magic bullet, however there are a number of habits I commit to daily that help me immensely and contribute to my self care practise. Because I’m of service and my focus is on ‘other’ all day long, I’m continuously exploring and trying to find the delicate balance between connection and solitude.

For me to fully recharge, I require solitude, stillness and quiet. I practise Vipassana meditation – I love my daily morning meditations, which have become non-negotiable for me and help me practise ‘being’ with whatever arises. Sleep – I’m a sucker for a good night’s sleep, and I prioritise it. Since I’ve moved away from the city, I’ve become accustomed to going to bed early and waking with the sunrise.

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Present With Impact

This highly customised group program is suited to teams who need to present, pitch or go to tender regularly across industries including architecture, advertising, marketing, IT and management consulting.

This program will empower your team to show up in a more impactful, effective and influential way when communicating with external boards and various stakeholders.

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1:1 Coaching and Support

These tailored results-driven coaching sessions combine immediate feedback, tailored exercises and on-camera active learning to help each leader look, act, and be perceived as a confident, high-impact consultant. Developmental executive coaching can have the deepest impact on your leadership journey.

Together we unpack mental conditioning and belief systems that don’t serve you, uncover mindset blocks and empower you with the tools and perspective you need to step fully into your leadership potential.

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‘Advanced Communicate with Confidence and Impact’

How often do you find yourself in situations where you need to think on your feet?

This workshop is all about role-playing exercises and diving into the world of communication preference styles, of which there are four: rational, structured, expressive and visual. Understanding which is yours and being able to identify the styles of others can help you communicate more effectively, be heard and build better interpersonal relationships.

Arm yourself with practical strategies to help you respond calmly even in emotionally charged situations.

Chloé’s focus on the importance of ‘presence’ has been instrumental in my improvement as a public speaker and media commentator. She has given me greater self-awareness and control, not only when presenting in formal circumstances. Her teachings have also influenced how I conduct myself during informal meetings, conversations and interactions with others.

As a result of my increased presence during these scenarios, I believe I have become a more compelling and confident leader and have been able to deliver my thoughts with greater conviction and engagement.

Jonathan Hallinan
Founder, BPM

Are you ready to amplify your leadership impact?

I work with global clients virtually via Zoom. I run group workshops in person across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and New Zealand.