Meet The CEO Whisperer, Chloé Oestreich – Featured On Forbes

Meet Chloé Oestreich, renowned executive leadership coach behind CO Consultancy. Chloé has spent over a decade consulting and coaching leaders from Fortune 500 companies. Her unique approach combines executive coaching and consulting, where she equips leaders with the tools and techniques they need to thrive in today’s complex business environment. An ICF accredited coach, Chloé specialises in developmental executive coaching, which explores the inner game of the leader. Through coaching Chloé [...]

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How To Master The Art Of First Impressions

Did you know that we assess new people within three seconds of meeting them? How you speak and present yourself in that sliver of time has an enormous impact on how your stakeholders, partners and clients perceive you. It’s the difference between whether they can trust you and believe you’re competent … or not. This is both exciting and frightening. Why? Because, regardless of your expertise and knowledge, you are getting [...]

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Want To Leave A Long Lasting Impression… Every Time?

You’ve read it all before, stand out from your competitors, be ‘the brand’, make sure people remember YOU when you leave the room. But the question is, how do we achieve this, and do this every time we interact with someone? Well, the answer is simple… Prepare. When preparing for a meeting or presentation, whether it be a one-on-one meeting over a coffee, a formal project update to senior board members [...]

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Low Status Poses – How Your Posture Reveals Your Level of Confidence

Why is it important that you get the first three seconds right when you introduce yourself? Because that’s all the time it takes for somebody to make up their mind whether they believe you’re confident, competent and trustworthy. …and that’s purely based on the way someone looks, dresses, shakes your hand and carries themselves. “Carries themselves?”, you ask, what does that mean? Let me explain. In our last article ‘Want to [...]

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