Be Heard
Present Confidently
Be Convincing


You are a leader in your organisation and you have a message you need to convey. You may be an architect going to tender, a creative pitching for that all-important project, or a political leader advocating for change.

I help you be heard.

Chloé Oestreich is a consultant, coach, and speaker. She works with global organisations and individuals internationally to help companies generate more work, build stronger client relationships and improve the way individuals communicate and present themselves on a daily basis.

Chloé grew up bilingual in Switzerland, Germany and England. Throughout her acting career in Australia and Europe, Chloé grew to understand the true importance of presence to both personal and business success. As a trained actor and journalist, she is adept at analysing the array of information our bodies project when presenting.

Whether focusing on storytelling and delivery or tone, breath and posture, Chloé helps people become part of their pitch. In her interactive workshops, participants develop a greater sense of self-awareness, and how profoundly presence influences perception.

Three seconds of presence
We assess new people within three seconds. The way you present yourself will impact how your stakeholders, partners and clients perceive you and whether they trust your capability. Chloé divides this interaction into the three segments of presence – vocal, physical and mental – that we consider when we meet someone for the first time. In her workshops Chloé provides participants with the tools to have presence, find their voice, shape their message and be heard.

Three seconds of presence - how it works