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Leadership & Executive Coach

It’s Time to Lead with Impact

If you want to have a greater impact and become more influential and inspiring in the way you present and communicate, you might first seek out a communications expert. But effective communication is so much more than the message and words used.

Coaching with Chloé is designed to draw out the fundamental personal qualities that exist inside you and enhance, develop and challenge you towards a more powerful and effective leadership presence.

Success Stories

Brett Penprase

Brett Penprase
Managing Director

Oaktree Capital

“I can now tap into greater calmness in complex situations”

What has been your biggest learning/ insight as a result of the coaching process?
My focus in the coaching sessions with Chloé has been on Leadership. The biggest insight as a result of the coaching process thus far is one must be able to first self-lead before attempting to leading others.

How has the coaching helped you become a more impactful leader?
The work I’ve been doing with Chloé has helped me find tap into greater calmness when dealing with complex or difficult situations. Chloé has provided some effective tools to help enable me to develop this skill. The other observation I’ve discovered is that my learnings from the coaching has helped me become a better mentor in Oaktree’s Staff Mentorship program.

In one word – how would you describe what it’s like to work with me?

joe tran

Joe Tran
Head of Business Operations


“I come out of our sessions knowing more about myself”

What made you decide to commit to working on yourself?
Working on myself has always been a passion of mine. I’m cognisant of the fact that my way of thinking is influencing and shaping the values and beliefs of the organisation. This is a true privilege, yet it also makes me carefully consider my choices and recognise the impact my decisions have on the people I lead. I’ve also come to realise that in order for me to act from a greater place of authenticity, I need to ultimately understand myself better.

In one word – how would you describe what it’s like to work with me?
Enlightening – Chloé is very good at not letting me off the hook, especially when it comes to topics where one might perhaps use the easy way out and subconsciously blame others for problems, as opposed to taking responsibility for your own state of being. I always come out of our sessions knowing more about myself, and have a sense of how I can apply the learnings so I can better show up at work and in my personal life.

Meet The CEO Whisperer, Chloé Oestreich

Meet The CEO Whisperer, Chloé Oestreich

Q. You’re one of the most well regarded executive coaches in Australia. What practises have helped you to sustain a level of high-performance?

Chloé: Well, there certainly isn’t a single magic bullet, however there are a number of habits I commit to daily that help me immensely and contribute to my self care practise. Because I’m of service and my focus is on ‘other’ all day long, I’m continuously exploring and trying to find the delicate balance between connection and solitude.

For me to fully recharge, I require solitude, stillness and quiet. I practise Vipassana meditation – I love my daily morning meditations, which have become non-negotiable for me and help me practise ‘being’ with whatever arises. Sleep – I’m a sucker for a good night’s sleep, and I prioritise it. Since I’ve moved away from the city, I’ve become accustomed to going to bed early and waking with the sunrise.

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How do you currently communicate and show up at work?

  Are you tapping into your full potential or are you operating on autopilot?

  What would it take for you to go from ‘good’ to truly thriving?

  What are some behaviours, beliefs or ways of operating that no longer serve you?

As a leader, it’s your job to challenge the status quo.

So, let’s be real for a moment.

  What active steps are you taking to support your own development and growth?

  How do you push yourself out of your comfort zone and habituated ways of thinking and doing – and challenge others to do the same?

  Do you have the necessary maturity to facilitate and hold multiple perspectives without being blinded by your own bias?

“Leadership starts with self-leadership – and self-leadership is about gaining greater self-awareness so that one can move into self-development.

This is the work of growing up, waking up, cleaning up and showing up. The first three have to do with our inner game – the personal work we do within our consciousness. The fourth [showing up] is where we enact real change in reality. It’s how we actualise our potential.”

executive coach

Chloé Oestreich

Developmental Leadership Coach
Communication, Presentation Skills & Confidence Coach
Executive Presence & EQ Consultant

I coach and consult with leaders from Fortune 500 companies on how to communicate effectively, be heard and lead with impact. I also help CEOs realise their full potential in how they show up at work.

As a consultant, I equip leaders like you with the tools and techniques you need to thrive, adapt, present and communicate with impact. Gain greater awareness of habitual patterns that subconsciously undermine you presenting with confidence and impact. Tap into cutting-edge research-based tools that will help you form new habits and create long-lasting change.

As an ICF accredited coach, I specialise in developmental executive coaching which explores the inner game of the leader. Through coaching, I empower and stretch curious individuals like you to step into self-organisation and self-management of your own developmental growth. It’s this sense of ownership that helps you step into your potential and purpose.

You have all the answers within yourself. However, as humans, we’re often too distracted to see what’s right in front of us. I help you get a brand new perspective on what’s holding you back and help you shift your mindset in a new direction moving forward.

Success Stories

client spotlight


australia post

“The changes have been wide reaching across my home and work life.”

How has the coaching helped you become a more impactful leader?
The changes have been wide reaching across my home and work life. I’m not just better able to respond in the moment and make more considered decisions – I’m also better able to identify and replace old habits and patterns that no longer serve me.

In one word – how would you describe what it’s like to work with me?
Energising – Chloé has an ability to build trust and help you get to the root of your issues in order to make lasting change.

EM Marketing


“Finally, I’m now much better at acknowledging my own expertise.”

What made you decide to commit to working on yourself?
I wasn’t having the impact I really wanted to have in front of senior executives. I wanted to learn how I needed to adapt my style to be more successful.

How would you describe what it’s like to work with me?
It’s like having someone who’s got one of those magnifying make-up mirrors pointed at me. That’s helped me see the things I’m doing which are letting me down (as well my strengths) and like an amazing make-up artist, Chloé has helped me find ways to bring my strengths to the forefront (and put a bit of coverage on the weaknesses).

Why work with Chloé?

  • Eight years of independent consulting and coaching, working with CEOs and senior executives in organisations such as KPMG, Macquarie Bank and Asahi across Australia, NZ, Asia, Europe and the US

  • A deep understanding of the challenges of leaders in various sectors including tech, finance, construction, software engineering, advertising and management consulting
  • Global experience of living and working internationally with a German – French-Swiss background
  • A background in neuroscience
  • An ICF accredited coach
  • An objective expert, able to connect with and use the language of executive leaders.

Credentials aside, at the heart of it – I love what I do. I get out of bed each morning because walking side by side with my clients and seeing them transform is incredibly meaningful work.

As your coach, I’m not here to hold you accountable – that’s your job. But I’m there to challenge you, push you and call you out. To hold a safe space for you to be vulnerable and surrender to what comes up. Imagine if you could go from ‘doing ok’ to thriving at work?

It’s Time to Lead with Impact

I’d love to hear what’s top of mind for you.